Laser PSS


User mode (normal operational mode)

1. check that the small curtain on the hutch window is closed (interlock is on the right side)

2. turn off the laser using the key

3. type id23laserenable in spec

4. turn on the laser (turn the key)

5. close the hutch (x-ray search)

6. type wwrite laser_reset 1 in spec

7. you can start

IMPORTANT wait for the PSS siren to finish before typing any command in spec or mxCuBE


Expert mode (to be able to get in and out with Laser ON) NOT FOR USERS


Start the Laser PSS

  1. Take the key on the cupboard of Laser PSS inside the hutch, turn the PSS key and get out and close the door. Bring the key with you
  2. Put the key in the laser PSS outsite and press the yellow button (==final search)
  3. The door is locked and the Laser PSS is started

In this way you are using just the laser PSS, this means that you can go in and out of the hutch (for alignment or test) and use the laser also when you are inside the hutch.


Entering the hutch

At this stage, if you need to go inside,

  1. Close the shutter (i.e. the 45 degree mirror): wwrite laserin 0 in spec (not necessary if you just started)
  2. Turn the key in the Laser PSS - the siren will start as the door is unlocked
  3. Wear Laser goggles, open the door and close it behind you
  4. When the siren stops the door will be automatically locked

Note that (if you forgot to close it) the Laser shutter (i.e. 45 degree mirror) will be closed automatically the time the door is unlocked/open.

The door will lock automatically and the Laser shutter will go to the position it was before you bypassed the PSS (if you didn't close it before exiting it will go back to open position)

Exiting the hutch (you are inside)

  1.  If you want to get out, without breaking the Laser PSS, Close the shutter (wwrite laserin 0 in spec) press the green button inside
  2. The door is unlocked and the siren start
  3. Exit the hutch - the door will lock again automatically



pressing the RED button breaks the Laser PSS and you have to start from scratch


IMPORTANT you can use the X-ray PSS on top of the laser PSS without problem.

Useful spec command for UV source

id23laserswitch: turn on/off the laser. To verify that the laser is on, the last two lights of the controller need to be on
id23laserdisable: stop immediately laser emission
id23laserenable: start/restart laser emission

Please note that id23laserenable/disable don't turn on or off the laser head, they just start/stop the emission. To turn off the laser head you have to use id23laserswitch