The start-up procedure for remote access experiments is little different for that required for normal experiments . However, there are a few extra tasks that need to be performed.

Please note that those tasks highlighted in red below are required by the Safety Group - do NOT forget to do these.

  1. Load the remote users' samples into the Sample Changer. Please make a note of the basket barcodes and their positions in the sample changer. This information should be noted in the log book and sent to the users via email or the chat tab. If no specific instruction was given by the remote user, load the user baskets from top to bottom (from transport dewar) in SC position 1 to position 5.
  2. Ensure that adxv is NOT running on the beam-line control computer
  3. Log out of MxCuBE and log back in as opidxxx
  4. In the 'remote access corner' (bottom right) of MxCuBE

  •    Make sure the 'Selecting Gives Control'  check-box is clicked 
  •    Make sure  the 'Allow Timeout Control'  check-box is clicked
  •    Type your name in the space provided



Once the remote users have started mxCuBE and logged into the application you can transfer control - just click on the usesrs identification in the 'current users'  box. Before transferring control to users make sure that:

  • You have contact details (name, telephone number) for the remote users and that these are noted in the beam-line log book. 
  • The remote users have your contact number.
  • You inform the EHOs (25 25) that a remote access experiment is underway on the beam-line.
  • Remote access notices (see below) are fixed to the door of the both experimental hutch & the beam-line control cabin.


Remote-notice.jpg (Remote Notice)