A new workflow tool has been developed to allow complex experiments to be performed in a user friendly manner through the standard beamline GUI MXCuBE. A new tab can be found in the collection methods tab of MXCuBE 2.0.  The 'Advanced' tab (see image below) allows experimental tools to be selected and launched  by adding them to the queue, users then interact with on-line data analysis during the experiment through dynamic content in a specific tab next to the centring tab.  Novel experiment workflows can be seamlessly integrated into MXCuBE through this tab and new workflows will be added periodically.  Please see below for instructions on specific workflows:


  1. Kappa reorientation

  2. Visual reorientation

  3. Line scan

  4. Mesh scan

  5. X-ray centring

  6. Enhanced EDNA characterisation

  7. Dehydration workflow

  8. Burn strategy

  9. Pseudo-helical data collection

  10. Automated data collections

  11. Trouble shooting workflow





Workflows are developed in DAWN (Data Analysis WorkbeNch) an eclipse based workbench for scientific data analysis. The main institutes developing DAWN are the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Diamond Light Source and is a collaborative effort between these institutes.


The use of workflows in the implementation of complex MX experiments has been fully described in Brockhauser et. al. (2012) Acta Cryst. D68, 975-984, please cite this article if you use workflows for your experiments.