Prepare and submit an experiment report for a standard proposal or a Rolling proposal

Follow these 4 steps to submit your report:

  1. Download the experiment report template
  2. Create your report from the template, following certain requirements
  3. Upload your report document as a PDF in the User Portal (SMIS)
  4. (If desired) Link your report to a new proposal

1. Download template

2. Complete report

  • Write in English.
  • For work which is published or which is in press, you may simply insert a copy of the abstract, together with full reference details, into the report form. If the abstract is in a language other than English, include an English translation.
  • Make sure the report does not exceed the space in the template.
  • Use a font size of 12 points or larger for the text.
  • Leave a minimum of 2 mm space between the text and the lines of the form.
  • Include tables and figures if you wish.
  • Pay special attention to pictures:
    1. Group pictures so that they form the smallest amount of contiguous space (as shown here in example)

      Figure 1

      Figure 2

      Figure 3

    2. Mention each picture in the text.
    3. Individual pictures should not be more than half the width of the page.
    4. Text on pictures should be readable.
  • Save the file as a PDF.

A report may cover multiple experimental sessions. You will specify which sessions are covered by the report when you upload the file.

The User Portal can only accept files in PDF format.

3. Upload report

Upload your experiment report document (in PDF format) by attaching it to the appropriate proposal in the User Portal:

  1. Access the User Portal (SMIS).
  2. Navigate to the list of your validated proposals.
  3. In the row for the appropriate proposal, click the icon marked "Manage your Experiment Report" (far right).
  4. On the next screen (Submit Experiment Report), select the experimental session(s) you are reporting on.
  5. Browse to and upload your experiment report document.

An added file can only be replaced, not removed.

4. Link the report to the new proposal

To link the submitted report to a new proposal:

  1. go to the 'General' screen of your new proposal.
  2. in the ‘relevant reports’ section, specify the number of your previous experiment.