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Synchrotron imaging of defects in SiC and GaN semiconductors


Thu Nhi Tran Thi Caliste will present synchrotron imaging of defects in SiC and GaN at the Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) on 4 May.

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The Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC), 2-5 May 2022, Saratoga Springs, USA, is a leading international technical conference that brings together manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, and academia to solve manufacturing challenges with innovative strategies and methodologies. ASMC provides an unparalleled platform for semiconductor professionals to network, discuss and learn the latest approaches to improve the collective manufacturing expertise of the semiconductor industry.

Thu Nhi, ESRF Business Development Office and beamline BM05, will present an advanced X-ray Bragg diffraction imaging technique known as rocking-curve imaging (RCI) that was developed at the ESRF. She will describe the technical aspects of RCI and show remarkable results for the characterisation of defects in bulk crystals and crystalline layers due to sub-μm spatial and μradian range angular resolution.

Conference link: ASMC  

Thu Nhi’s presentation is in the session: Advanced Metrology 1 - Novel Metrology Techniques.


Top image: Mn-doped (0001) GaN substrate FWHM and peak position maps (reflection 10-10, X-ray energy 20 keV). The FWHM map shows vertical lines composed by red and yellow dots, which are the images of threading dislocations arranged in chains parallel to [10-10]. These dislocations act as geometrically necessary ones for the subgrain arrangement that is clearly visible on the peak position map, with vertical bands displaying misorientations in the few seconds of arc range. Image size: 1.3*1.3 mm2.