Can I reserve some shifts to do, for example, powder diffraction / macromolecular crystallography / tomography?

First you should contact the BDO who will put you in touch with the scientist in charge of the beamline.  You can discuss the feasibility of your experiment, the number of shifts necessary, etc.

I don’t have a password. 

You simply click on “New user" on the first page.  The system will ask you to fill in your company details and will then automatically attribute you a password. 

What is an A Form?

The “A Form” is an electronic form, but is only available once we have sent your Invitation.  With this A Form you request site entrance for all participants (obligatory), accommodation & submit your Sample Sheets.

Where is the A Form?

You cannot access it until we send your Invitation.  You can then submit the A Form

You simply log on as before and an “A Form” button will be visible.

Please reserve a room for me and my colleagues

This is done electronically when you submit the A Form.

What are your banking coordinates?

These are all clearly stated on the invoice.  If you need them to set up your supplier information, we can send you this information prior to sending the invoice. Send an email to receive the supplier information.

 If you have any other questions, please contact us