ID10A, ID10C has been renamed to ID10-EH2 since 2012

Experiments are carried out at ID10A in User Service Mode and as a part of the in-house scientific program. Most experiments belong to the category of solid state physics/chemistry where the structure and dynamics of soft- and hard condensed matter systems are investigated by X-ray scattering.

Investigations of dynamic properties can be carried out by applying a coherent X-ray beam. The resulting scattering image (speckle pattern) shows a graininess caused by interference between radiation scattered by different parts of the sample. The dynamics of the sample can be determined by XPCS (X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy) where the time-variation of the speckle pattern is quantified by measuring the time correlation function.

Below is a collection of links to recent examples of scientific highlights.



Atomic dynamics and physical aging in metallic glassesRevealing the fast atomic motion of network glasses with coherent X-raysSpontaneous glass-glass transition in soft matter