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Pressure-driven metallization in hafnium diselenide

Andrada-Chacón A., Morales-García A., Salvadó M.A., Pertierra P., Franco R., Garbarino G., Taravillo M., Barreda-Argüeso J.A., González J., García Baonza V., Recio J.M., Sánchez-Benítez J.,
Inorganic Chemistry 60, 1746-1754 (2021)

Revealing the complex nature of bonding in the binary high-pressure compound FeO2

Koemets E., Leonov I., Bykov M., Bykova E., Chariton S., Aprilis G., Fedotenko T., Clément S., Rouquette J., Haines J., Cerantola V., Glazyrin K., McCammon C., Prakapenka V.B., Hanfland M., Liermann H.P., Svitlyk V., Torchio R., Rosa A.D., Irifune T., Ponomareva A.V., Abrikosov I.A., Dubrovinskaia N., Dubrovinsky L.,
Physical Review Letters 126, 106001-1-106001-7 (2021)

Synthesis of weaire-phelan barium polyhydride

Peña-Alvarez M., Binns J., Martinez-Canales M., Monserrat B., Ackland G.J., Dalladay-Simpson P., Howie R.T., Pickard C.J., Gregoryanz E.,
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12, 4910-4916 (2021)

Dense, subnano phase of clustered O-2

Santoro M., Dziubek K., Scelta D., Morana M., Gorelli F.A., Bini R., Hanfland M., Rouquette J., Di Renzo F., Haines J.,
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 9651-9657 (2019)

Carbonic acid monohydrate

Abramson E.H., Bollengier O., Brown J.M., Journaux B., Kaminsky W., Pakhomova A.,
American Mineralogist 103, 1468-1472 (2018)

Pressure tuning of charge ordering in iron oxide

Ovsyannikov S.V., Bykov M., Bykova E., Glazyrin K., Manna R.S., Tsirlin A.A., Cerantola V., Kupenko I., Kurnosov A.V., Kantor I., Pakhomova A.S., Chuvashova I., Chumakov A.I., Rüffer R., McCammon C., Dubrovinsky L.S.,
Nature Communications 9, 4142-1-4142-11 (2018)

P-T phase diagram of LuFe2O4

Poienar M., Bourgeois J., Martin C., Hervieu M., Damay F., Garbarino G., Hanfland M., Hansen T., Baudelet F., Bantignies J.L., Hermet P., Haines J., Rouquette J.,
Crystals 8, 184-1-184-17 (2018)

X-ray diffraction structure measurements

Sanloup C., de Grouchy C.J.L.,
In: " Magmas Under Pressure. Advances in High-Pressure Experiments on Structure and Properties of Melts" Kono Y. (Eds.) Sanloup C. (Eds.) (Elsevier, 2018) pp. 137-153

Stability of iron-bearing carbonates in the deep Earth’s interior

Cerantola V., Bykova E., Kupenko I., Merlini M., Ismailova L., McCammon C., Bykov M., Chumakov A.I., Petitgirard S., Kantor I., Svitlyk V., Jacobs J., Hanfland M., Mezouar M., Prescher C., Rüffer R., Prakapenka V.B., Dubrovinsky L.,
Nature Communications 8, 15960-1-15960-9 (2017)