ID21 Phosphorus XANES spectra database

This database of P K-edge XANES spectra of phosphorous reference compounds has been created thanks to the contribution of ID21 users and collaborators, and the work of Camille Rivard and Deborah Stier. All the references were acquired at the ID21 beamline.

When possible, references were acquired in transmission with a silicon photodiode placed downstream of the samples. When it was not possible to acquire XANES spectra in transmission (e.g. due to a too low P concentration), spectra were collected in X-ray fluorescence mode using a large area SDD detector (Bruker, 80 mm2). In both cases, incident beam intensity variations were normalized thanks to a drilled photodiode placed upstream of the sample and collecting the fluorescence signal from a thin Si3N4 membrane inserted in the beam path. 

Unless specified in the table, the monochromator was a Si(111), calibrated in energy by fixing the position of the maximum of the white-line of hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH)) at 2152.7 eV.

For each reference, information can be found about name, formula, origin, acquisition mode, contact person and references, in the following tables (inorganic and organic compounds).

If you use these data, we would be grateful if you can cite the database reference and also the bibliographic reference if available. You can also contact the person who acquired the spectrum for more information about the sample. You will find their email address by clicking on their name.

Feel free to contact ID21 beamline staff in order to report mistakes or modifications and also to propose your own references.

Summary of the content of the database:

  1. Chemical specificity of the reference compounds
  2. P chemical environment
  3. Origins of the compound and its conditioning
  4. Bibliographic references and related acknowledgment
  5. Information about the acquisition modes (type of detector, fluorescence or transmission geometry, macro or microbeam)

ID21 Team