The information requested via the documents listed below is essential to enable us to complete all procedures, and in particular to obtain the necessary site entrance authorizations (and is designed to allow you to devote the maximum amount of time to your experiment):

A Form

This electronic form, available via the User Portal, provides the ESRF with the information necessary to prepare:

  • the visit of the experimental team (list of users and associated requests for arrangements: travel, site entrance, accommodation, canteen)
  • the experimental session (sample sheet/sample environment/facilities).

It should be completed by the main proposer and submitted via the Web as early as possible respecting the following deadline:

Deadline for submission of the A Form: 2 WEEKS before the experiment starts

In order to conform to the procedures established in agreement with the French Authorities concerning the site entrance authorization of users, the A Form must be submitted no later than 2 WEEKS before the experiment is due to start. The French authorities must received the information concerning the users registered via an A Form (first name, last name, nationality, place and date of birth) at least 5 working days before a user experiment takes place. This delay is necessary for the ESRF to obtain the access clearance for the users.

All users registered on an A Form can consult this A Form via the ESRF User Portal - in their User Account, select "Proposals/Experiments" (top tab) and then "A Forms".

Users: who and how many?

  • Even scientists who had not been registered as main/co-proposers of the proposal can be registered as "users" for an experimental session
  • The working language of the ESRF is English: therefore IT IS MANDATORY that at least one fluent English-speaking scientist participates in the experiment onsite.
  • The number of users who received a financial support from ESRF per experimental session is limited: consult "Financial Assistance"

Prerequisites for the registration of users via an A Form

  • only scientists already registered in our data base (who have a user account) can be added to an A Form: the Main Proposer must contact all members of the experimental team to ask them to create their personal "user account" if not done.  They may then be ADDED to the A Form
  • once added to the A Form, each user must validate his/her electronic and personal "User & Safety Declaration Form" relevant to the experimental session,

  • Each user must have followed and validated his/her Online Safety Training Course.

  • For an MX USER indicated as "REMOTE USER" on the A Form, the system will check that the special "remote user" Safety Training Course has been followed and validated by the User. This does NOT replace the standard Safety Training Course which should be performed if the user intends to visit the ESRF at any point for an experiment.
    A "remote user" must follow and validate his/her online safety training course for remote MX experiment before the submission of the A Form,
  • users who should receive a financial support from ESRF (to be registered as "reimbursed" in the A Form) must complete, in their user account, the information requested in the tab "Reimbursement data", otherwise the Main Proposer will not be able to tick the "reimbursed" box.

Both the "User & Safety Declaration Form" and the online Safety Training can be accessed via the ESRF User Portal

WARNING: Only the names and associated requests (travel, site entrance, accommodation, canteen card) of those users with a validated "User & Safety Declaration Form" and a valid Safety Training Course will be communicated to the ESRF for further process

ILL / ESRF Joint Proposals (registratoin of SANS-SAXS users)

The users should register for their whole stay (covering the full duration of the two experiments) by completing the ESRF A Form, where all requests for travel, accommodation and reimbursement for the full period of the two experiments should be made. When requested by the users, the ESRF will arrange the travel and book the accommodation (Guesthouse). 

Nevertheless, users should also register to the ILL user portal (Visitors Club) by sending back the ILL invitation form.

Consult also information on reimbursement regulations for SANS-SAXS users


How to CREATE/SUBMIT a sample sheet

The main proposer must submit, in connection with the submission of the A Form, a Sample Sheet to be studied during the corresponding session of the experiment. The electronic Sample Sheet, which supplies detailed information on the sample(s), is transmitted to the Safety Department and the Local Contact.

WARNING: It will NOT be possible to submit the A Form for unless at least one sample sheet has been selected by the main proposer for the corresponding experimental session.

Travel with samples (Airport form)

If you travel with your sample(s) and require an Airport Form you must request it from the ESRF Safety Officer as soon as you receive your invitation to carry out an experiment at the ESRF. Please send an e-mail to the Safety Group with the following information:

  • the number of the experiment
  • the name(s) of the person(s) who will be transporting the sample(s)
  • how the sample(s) will be transported: dewar, crystallisation tray...
  • date of departure or date for which the form is needed if you are leaving the ESRF during the week-end or on a holiday.

Attention: This letter for the airport security is only valid for going back from the ESRF to your home institute. For problems during your travel to the ESRF please contact the safety office in your home institute.

Further information on the Airport Form can be found here.

Use of support laboratories

ESRF Chemistry Laboratory Form

If you wish to use the ESRF Chemistry Laboratory, please consult the "instructions for the use of the Chemistry Lab" and complete a request form listing all persons who will use the laboratory.  The form must be signed by the appropriate representative of your institute:

1. Request the use of the chemistry laboratory via checkbox in A Form (User Portal)

2. Complete the form ( Word format / PDF format )

3. Send the form to the User Office and to the Chemistry Lab at least 15 days before the start of the experiment.

BMF L2 Cellular Biology Laboratory Form

If you wish to use the BMF L2 Cellular Biology Laboratory you must send this form (Excel format.xlsx) back 6 weeks before your needs. Please return the form by e-mail to: and to

Booking forms available via the A Form.

 ESRF Atomic Force Microscopy Platform (AFMP)

The Atomic Force Microscopy Platform is established on the Surface Science Lab and supports instrumental and scientific activities in the EPN Campus linked to Atomic Force Microscopy. Click here for instructions for the use of the ESRF AFM Platflorm and to access the AFMP Form.

EMBL Laboratory Form

Please note that the EMBL laboratory is not anymore available for ESRF users (09/03/2021).