Digital Object Identifier

DOIs are essential for keeping track of your data and referring to it in publications.  Using DOIs is part of the process of making your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reproducible (FAIR).

As part of implementing the ESRF data policy, the ESRF started in March 2018 to assign Digital Object Identifier (DOI) names to all data from experimental sessions on beamlines which implement the ESRF data policy. The ESRF Data Policy requires users to cite the DOI names of their data in publications.

For more information about how to use DOIs for citing data taken at the ESRF please refer to the DOI - HOW TO page.

To understand the concepts around DOIs refer to the DOI - CONCEPTS page and visit the ESRF DOI portal ( or watch this video produced by PaNOSC.

Whatever you do - use DOIs to cite your data!