ESRF Cryo-EM is operating in 2020


Cryo-EM can be used for protein structure determination with near atomic resolution by single-particle imaging. At the ESRF, Cryo-EM is a complementary technique to macromolecular crystallography and BioSAXS.

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Although the ESRF X-ray beamlines will be shutting down from 10 December 2018 to 25 August 2020 as part of the EBS storage ring upgrade, the cryo-EM facility CM01 will remain in operation for the duration of this shutdown and we are looking forward to receiving your applications for microscope time (Guidelines for preparing a CryoEM proposal). Proposals requesting time on the Cryo-EM can be submitted AT ANY TIME via our Rolling Application system, there is no deadline for submissions.

If you require further information regarding applications for experiments on CM01,  please contact Eaazhisai Kandiah or Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann.