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Single Sign-On (SSO)

The ESRF has decided to make use of a central service that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials : the Single Sign-on.

This frees users from the need to remember multiple passwords, cuts down on login troubleshooting (once logged within a period of time, you can access to multiple applications using this service without the need to log-in again), and decreases the damage a hack can cause.


  • Create your site account:

For ESRF, CRG staff or long term visitors: your site account is your username.

For non ESRF, CRG staff or long term visitors, you need to create an ESRF username that is not your family name. You will be guided through this creation upon your first log-in to the User Portal (

Important note: During 2019 and according to the General Data Protection Regulation, all portal users who did not consent to the User Portal Privacy Statement have had their account deactivated. Please contact the User Office if you wish to reactivate it.

  • Log-in to any of the ESRF applications using this site account. The access to the other ones will be possible without a second log-in.

At the beamline or on any shared computer area (e.g. backup room), it is important not to leave a browser open if you are logged in using SSO and you stop using that computer.

Moreover, as SSO allows you to access several applications of ESRF without login in again with your credentials after the first login, it might complicate your work if you plan on using several authentication credentials on the same computer within the same period.