PAC-G and SERMA Technologies join forces to provide industry with advanced characterisation


The Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G) and SERMA Technologies have signed today an industrial agreement to better cater for the electronics industry.

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The members of Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G), with the support of the IRT NanoElec, have signed today the first agreement with SERMA Technologies, a service and consulting company with 17 years of experience in the micro- and nano-electronics market.

The goal of this agreement is to provide innovative solutions, based on the SERMA Technologies’ know-how of the customer needs in the electronics market and on the PAC-G’s member’s expertise on advanced characterisation. The ambition is to open the existing client network, now restricted in the Grenoble electronics industry area, to the worldwide scale. PAC-G and SERMA Technologies can now provide a key link from market to advanced techniques to look inside materials and in order to open the way to new devices for microelectronics.

Pascal Matosévic, Commercial director SERMA Technologies, explains: "The prospects opened by the collaboration with PAC-G are very rich, and allow SERMA Technologies to address advanced characterisation requests that we could not satisfy until then. This concerns the field of failure analysis and radiation testing of electronic components, but also other areas such as transport or energy. The contribution of PAC-G is a very important element of the SERMA offer because it brings a higher benefit. We hope that this collaboration will be very beneficial for both partners."

Top image: Jean Susini, director of research at the ESRF, during the meeting following the signature of the agreement. Credits: C. Argoud.