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ID23-2: Gemini - Macromolecular Crystallography


ID23-2 is a fixed energy beamline dedicated to MX. ID23-2 offers a standard MX sample environment, but with a focused microbeam (10x4 micron).
Status:  open


  • Life Sciences


  • Macromolecular crystallography


  • MX - macromolecular crystallography
  • Microbeam

Energy range

  • 14.2  keV

Beam size

  • Minimum (H x V) : 1.0 x 2.0  µm²
  • Maximum (H x V) : 8.0 x 25.0  µm²

Sample environments

  • Microdiffractometer MD3Up
  • UNIPUCK+SPINE pins only (no SC3)



Technical details

This beamline offers diffraction data collection on microcrystalline MX samples and on fine needle MX samples, as well as determination of the region of highest diffraction quality from larger MX samples.

ID23-2: an automated and high-performance microfocus beamline for macromolecular crystallography at the ESRF

Max Nanao 1Shibom Basu 2Ulrich Zander 2Thierry Giraud 1John Surr 1Matias Guijarro 1Mario Lentini 1Franck Felisaz 2Jeremy Sinoir 2Christian Morawe 1Amparo Vivo 1Antonia Beteva 1Marcus Oscarsson 1Hugo Caserotto 1Fabien Dobias 1David Flot 1Didier Nurizzo 1Jonathan Gigmes 1Nicolas Foos 1Ralf Siebrecht 3Thomas Roth 1Pascal Theveneau 1Olof Svensson 1Gergely Papp 1Bernard Lavault 3Florent Cipriani 2Ray Barrett 1Carole Clavel 1Gordon Leonard 1


​​​​​ 2022 Mar 1;29(Pt 2):581-590. doi: 10.1107/S1600577522000984

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