Auxiliary equipment

The auxiliary equipment is property of ID21 and is available for users without the need to include them in A-form.


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Visible Microscope

Zeiss Axioplan 2 located at the sample preparation room at ID21




  • Objectives: 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 50x and 100x
  • Reflection and transmission illumination
  •  Motorized stage
  •  Axio vision software
    • Mosaic acquisition with alignment and focus correction algorithm


TM-1000 located at the chemistry laboratory of ID21 (room 20.0.04)





  • 15kV acceleration voltage; 20~10,000x magnification
  • standard mode and charge-up reduction mode
  • specimen traverse; X:15 mm, Y:18mm
  • 70 maximum sample size in diameter; 20 mm maximum sample thickness
  • high-sensitive semiconductor BSE detector

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Glove box

Glove box located at the sample preparation room at ID21





Not fully tight, useful for manipulation of samples under nitrogen gas flow or liquid nitrogen bath.






Leica RM2265/LN22 located at the sample preparation lab at ID21


  • Binocular and illumination source
  • Sectioning down to 500nm
  • Automatic sectioning speed control                                            






-Liquid nitrogen flow (-50 to -120 °C)

-Blade and sample temperature control

-Diamond, Tungsten carbide and stainless steel blades

-Stainless steel and PEEK sample holders

-Diamond, stainless steel and tungsten carbide blades





Room temperature:

-Diamond and stainless steel blades

-Several sample holder adapters

For more details about the use of this equipment please contact Hiram Castillo (ext. 2948)


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ARPEGE 70 cryodewar located at the ID21 chemistry lab (room 20.0.04)





Cryodewar for cryopreservation of safety authorized samples.

The tank has a liquid nitrogen capacity of 72 L for storage in liquid phase and 15 L for gas phase storage.

Static holding time of 120 days for liquid phase and 25 days for gas phase.

4 Aluminum racks can hold up to 20 boxes with 100 2 ml tubes inside the cryodewar


For more details about the use of this dewar please contact Hiram Castillo (ext. 2948)


Freeze dryer

Emitech freeze dryer located at the ID21 chemistry lab (room 20.0.04)







The emitech freeze dryer is available for users to prepare samples such as thin tissue sections or cells. The peltier contact maintains a temperature of -65C at the sample. The vaccum is in the range of 1x10-2mbar.

Sample holders for freeze drying are available at ID21. The maximum diameter of the sample holder to maintain a good contact with the cold stage is 2.5cm.


Please contact Hiram Castillo (ext 2948) for more information about the use of this equipment.

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