X-ray optics are an essential part of all synchrotron beamlines and serve to ensure that the beam quality delivered to the sample is optimally matched to the requirements of the experiment. The ESRF X-ray Optics group works closely with beamline and engineering staff to maximise the performance of our beamlines and follow evolutions in both the source quality and scientific aims.  In the earlier stages of beamline projects the group assists with the optical design and continues this support throughout the lifetime of the beamline; accompanying the procurement processes, optical component manufacture, installation and test.

The X-ray optics group operates 4 laboratories:

The group has access to unique X-ray characterisation facilities at the ESRF beamlines. These laboratories and analysis tools also provide the means to support a continuous programme of in-house research and development in X-ray Optics.

We are particularly active in the fields of:

  • diffractive crystal optics (silicon, germanium and diamond)
  • X-ray multilayer deposition
  • high heat-load mirror and multilayer systems
  • bent-crystal analyser optics
  • X-ray mirror metrology
  • X-ray diffraction topography
  • X-ray focusing optics.

The group can also provide X-ray optics design & manufacture and characterisation services for external bodies. Contact our Industrial Services.