Our business development team is here to listen to your research and innovation needs, and to match them with the facilities available at the ESRF and the services we offer, or to create customised collaborations and partnerships. For European and national projects, we can be a full partner or act as an expert for specific outsourced requirements.

New client?

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+33 (0)4 76 88 40 90  or email us.

Tell us the problem you need to solve. We’ll find the right beamline and work with you to define the experiment. We’ll send you a quotation for the work you need, along with our terms and conditions.

Experienced Pro?

If you have already used the ESRF, welcome back! If you have a specific beamline or technique in mind or any specific requests, please call us to get a quote.

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Proprietary access is straightforward, paid for by the client and confidential, and by far the most popular amongst our industrial users.  We tailor your experiment to your specific needs and contribute to making your business more competitive on global markets. If you need it, we can rapidly establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please contact us - we can advise you.

Full service

Not familiar with a synchrotron? You think you can benefit from it but don’t know how to proceed? Let us take charge of your experiment, from A to Z. You just give us the sample and tell us what you want: we’ll do the rest. Either send the sample or bring it yourself and discover how we do science here.


A routine measurement? Send us the samples, we do the experiments and you get the data. A good solution for those who need measurements and who are familiar with dealing with data. We can also help you with the data if you prefer. We can also do much more complex data analysis, ourselves or with expert partners - contact us for a tailored quotation to meet your needs.

On-site access

Travel to the ESRF, bring your samples and carry out your experiment. You will benefit from the support of our international and highly qualified team. After the time here, return home and work on the data with advice from our scientists.

Remote access

Send us the samples, log in to the ESRF system and you run the experiment and acquire the data remotely from the comfort of your office. At the moment this only applies for experiments in macromolecular crystallography.


If you are intending to publish your results and are planning to carry out the experiments yourself, you could also consider applying through our peer review programme. This route is slower than proprietary access, but is free of access charges. We can put you in touch with the User Office, who will help you with the application process.  The BDO team can also help you with potential collaborations, just contact us. If you are an experienced pro and are ready to complete the peer reviewed procedure, go to the user portal.


The ESRF can establish long-term partnerships with industry - either to support your innovation needs or for longer-term measurement campaigns. ESRF also often works with joint PhD students or post-doctoral researchers with industry parters, or even hosting your staff on our site can be an option. We'd be delighted to discuss your needs. See more here.