ESRF provisional recruitment plan

The provisional ESRF recruitment plan is based on positions that are or expected to become available in the medium term. This forecast aims at helping potential candidates to anticipate job opportunities at the ESRF.

Current job openings can be found under the Jobs page on this site.

The figures shown in the tables below are indicative, and were revised in October 2021.


Position 2022 2023 2024

Administrative assistant

Executes and optimizes the administrative management of a Unit/Group/Division, taking into account existing procedures
and liaising with internal department and external partners.

3 1 6

Building maintenance technician

Ensures the maintenance of the ESRF building mechanical and electrical systems, from regular inspection to repair and
replacement of defective systems.


Electronics technician

Provides support services and assistance in Electronics for the ESRF experimental stations, the accelerator complex and
other ESRF laboratories.

2   2

Head of Group

In line with the strategic objectives of the ESRF, defines, coordinates and supports cross unit activities within her/his
group while sharing a global vision and promoting the value of the ESRF.

2   1

Head of unit

Manage her/his team, plans and evaluates department activities in accordance with the strategic plan of the ESRF while
providing some technical expertise and promoting the values of the ESRF


Instrumentation engineer

Designs all or part of instruments combining several techniques; monitors and coordinates development until implementation


Instrumentation technician

Ensures the correct running and maintenance of the beamline instruments in optimal working conditions and
contributes to the design of new equipment.

2 2 3

IT support technician

Ensures the correct running and maintenance of IT systems, networks and tools while providing internal customers
with accurate information, advice and support on IT products and services.


Maintenance technician

Ensures the corrective, preventive and ameliorative maintenance of the premises and equipment of the ESRF to preserve
their good condition and functionality.

2   2

Mechanical engineer

In coordination with other ESRF teams, provides mechanical engineering expertise to develop fully integrated and advanced
instrumentation while providing advice, support and adjustment capabilities to beamlines and accelerator scientific staff.

1   1

Mechanical technician

Assembles, tests and adjusts high precision mechanical systems (equipment, machinery and components) while ensuring
their maintenance through rigorous stock management of standard ESRF components.


Mechanical workshop technician

Provides support to staff for a range of mechanical workshop equipment and assesses their ability to work safely.
Manufactures components and systems for a range of research.

  1 1


Designs and conducts research programme while contributing to the operations of the beamline. Ensures the sharing
of her/his knowledge through the management of a research team as well as teaching or lecturing.

4   2

Software engineer

Based on the analysis of users' needs, drives the development cycle of a software from design, until documentation,
installation as well as maintenance and support.


System administration engineer

Designs and implements high performance IT solutions (resources and services) to support the ESRF in its scientific
missions, ensuring consistency and accessibility to information by users, a very high level of availability and IT-security
as well as the coordination of maintenance.