ID15 is a canted beamline, housing the former high-pressure diffraction setup from ID09A on the ID15B branch, and two hutches for materials engineering and materials chemistry on the ID15A branch. Both branches operate independently and are open for user service. Please feel free to contact any of the instrument staff to discuss your requirements. These pages describe the ID15A branch, which is composed of two experimental hutches.

Key points for EH2 (Materials Engineering)

  • Energy range 20 < E < 250 KeV monochromatic, and white beam to 500 KeV
  • Beam sizes from 50 µm to 8 mm

Key points for EH3 (Materials Chemistry)

  • Energy range 20 < E < 140 KeV
  • Beam sizes from 0.3 µm to 8 mm

Further Information

The two experimental stations are described in detail in the links below.

Materials Engineering-EH2

Materials Chemistry-EH3

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Technical description of the beamline

A detailed technical description of the beamline has been published in,

Vaughan, G. B. M., Baker, R., Barret, R., Bonnefoy, J., Buslaps, T., Checchia, S., Duran, D., Fihman, F., Got, P., Kieffer, J., Kimber, S. A. J., Martel, K., Morawe, C., Mottin, D., Papillon, E., Petitdemange, S., Vamvakeros, A., Vieux, J.-P. & Di Michiel, M. (2020).ID15A at the ESRF, a beamline for high speed operando X-ray diffraction, diffraction tomography, and total scattering. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 27, 515–528.  doi:10.1107/s1600577519016813