Highlighting the ESRF successes


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The new Highlights 2002 has just come out !

Where can you find a summary of the most representative experiments of 2002 at the ESRF? The answer is the Highlights 2002, a publication that has just been released.

One can never know too much. Specially at the ESRF. Science at this facility involves so many different fields, that it is hard to be aware of all the experiments underway. But the Highlights 2002 has just come out! And it will let you taste the diversity of the science made at the ESRF.

In 120 pages, this publication contains selected articles on research and development carried out at the ESRF's beamlines. The articles range from biology experiments on proteins to pure physics experiments, also reaching chemistry, medicine, earth science, materials science and even environment. The Highlights 2002 includes as well articles about improvements to the machine and a summary of the beamlines and user operation.

This document, with a distribution of 11 000 copies this year, is highly appreciated by scientists from all over the world. It is edited and published every year since 1995 by the Information Office and it traditionally sees the light on the Users' Meeting day.

To obtain a copy of the Highlights 2002 in printed format., please contact the Information Office. An online version will soon be available.