The videomicroscope allows real time in-situ alignment in air or under vacuum of micron sized samples with the beam position. Minimum zoom gives an overall view of the sample (full screen image = 15 mm2) and allows rapid identification of areas of interest. Micron sized details can then be pinpointed using 12X zoom. The micro-beam impact point is precisely located on a fixed fluorescent screen mounted on the sample stage. The sample can therefore be accurately positioned in the beam with ease.

Video-microscope optics :

    • Navitar Motorized videozoom 12X
    • Right angle adapter
    • 1X or 1.5X lenses or 10X microscope lens



    • Working distance : 83mm, 50mm, 33mm.
    • Depth of focus: 5 µm
    • Min. pixel size with 1.5X lens: 810 nm
    • Lighting: Vacuum compatible fiber optics
    • Prosilica camera 2/3” GC1380C



The SXM vacuum compatible videomicroscope (Design by Optique Peter , R. Baker and E. Gagliardini)