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BM02 - D2AM a French CRG Beamline for in situ material characterization

D2AM is dedicated for advanced, time, space and energy-resolved in situ synchrotron characterization in materials science, e.g., single crystal or polycrystalline materials, powders, liquids, thin films, or epitaxial nanostructures. A large number of scattering techniques are available thanks to the beamline optical elements, to its high precision kappa diffractometer, and to its small-angle X-ray scattering bench.

News from D2AM


-->  Materials and Engineering                             -->  Cultural Heritage

-->  Physics                                                                -->  Environmental sciences

-->  Chemistry


-->  Hard condensed matter                      -->  Methods and Instrumentation

-->  Soft condensed matter                       -->  Applied materials

-->  Polymers                                                 -->  Semiconductors


-->  XRD - X-ray diffraction       

-->  SAXS - Small angle X-ray scattering                         

-->  SWAXS - Simultanuous Small/Wide angle X-ray scattering

-->  GISAXS - Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering

-->  WAXS - Wide angle X-ray scattering      

-->   XRF - X-ray fluorescence

All these techniques may be coupled with the anomalous approach where the beam energy may be scanned over several hundreds of eV without altering the beam position on the sample.


-->  Range 6 keV - 45 keV          -->  Resolution ΔE/E = 2 x 10-4    -->  Energy scan over 500 eV

Beam size

-->  Minimum beam size (h x v):   30 x 30 µm2

-->  Maximum beam size (h x v):   5 x 5 mm2

Sample environments

-->  Cryofurnace  (10K-800K)                        -->  Sample positioner

-->  Furnaces                                                      -->  Other possibilities


-->  Pixel photon counting detector IMXPAD S70

-->  Pixel photon counting detector IMXPAD d5-S540

-->  Pixel photon counting detector IMXPAD WOS-S700

-->  PM

-->  Basler camera

-->  Fluorescence detector

Please contact BM02 for any queries