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CARAC Symposium: characterisation techniques for electronics domain and beyond


Dedicated to imaging techniques, the 8th edition of Carac will take place on November 30, 2021, online via the IRT Nanoelec webinar platform. Its sessions will feature techniques including tomography, chemical mapping, high-resolution topography and morphology.

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Carac Symposium, supported by Nanoelec/Characterisation programme and its attached PAC-G platform, is the annual event dedicated to characterisation techniques that fit to electronics domain and beyond. Characterisation of new electronic components is essential to their design and ultimately to ensure their reliability. The increasing complexity of electronic components and technologies, as well as the diversification of materials and manufacturing processes in the More-than-Moore approach require characterisation that exceeds the performance of conventional laboratory equipment. To accurately correlate the micro and nanoscale characteristics of materials with the macroscopic properties of components, researchers need to gain in spatial resolution, detection capability and acquisition speed. This is why they use very specific beams of photos and neutrons from large instruments among the best in the world available on the scientific peninsula of Grenoble.

Further details: CARAC Programme and registration