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First industrial client on new ID31


It was a short but fruitful visit. ID31 welcomed its first industrial client last month in a short experiment to study metallic allloys.

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Cédric Bellot has been an industrial client of the ESRF for several years, mostly on the former ID15 and ID11. His company, ACRDM, is an independant laboratory specialised in providing R&D solutions to companies dedicated to metallurgy. ACRDM’s expertise goes from studying metallic alloys, to ceramics to the development of new materials.

As a regular client in the materials science domain, it is no surprise that he booked the first slot for commercial experiments on the recently opened ID31. It was a 2-hour slot where he carried out experiments on alloys on behalf of VALLOUREC. He studied the different phases in the precipitated materials during thermal processing with the  aim of making more performing alloys.

ID31 is dedicated to interface and materials processing studies using high energy x-rays. It offers a portfolio of hard X-ray characterisation techniques including reflectivity, wide and small angle diffraction (both in transmission and grazing incidence geometry), imaging methods, auxiliary techniques, coupled with a great versatility in choosing beam sizes, energy and energy-band.

Top image: Agniezska Poulain, scientist, on the new ID31. Credits: P. Jayet.