ID27 Beamline scientist
  Sect.01 1-09
Reserach Interests

Dynamics in low-dimensional and frustrated quantum magnets at extreme conditions

Spin and lattice dynamics in quantum materials

Dynamics at extreme conditions close to criticality

Elastic and dynamic properties in solids



Diffraction, diffuse and inelastic x-ray scattering at high pressures

Neutron spectroscopy

High magnetic field experiments at extreme conditions

Pump-and-probe experiments using XUV, THz and x-rays

Electronic structure and lattice dynamics calculations from first principles

Quantum Monte Carlo simulations


International activities

Co-chair of the special interest group SIG-D3 Dynamics, Disorder, Diffuse scattering within the European Crystallographic Association


CV and Publication

ORCID 0000-0002-7089-595X


Scientific software

AB2TDS - an open source package for computing phonon properties and scattering intensities for x-rays and neutrons

tds2el - an open source package for quantitative and model-free analysis of thermal diffuse x-ray scattering from single crystals