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Welcome to my personal page!

I am a soil biogeochemist currently working as a postdoctoral scientist at the beamline ID21 of the ESRF.

I received a Dr. rer. nat. from the Chair of Soil Science of the Technical University of Munich (Germany), a M.Sc. in Soil Science and a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the Federal University of Vicosa (Brazil).

My research focuses on biogeochemical processes in soils and sediments. During my postdoctoral I am studying the molecular scale (organic) phosphorus-mineral interface processes in tropical soils. Through collaborations I am also investigating the development of novel and sustainable P fertilizers, and the effect of long-term fertilization in agricultural fields.

On another hand, I am aslo studying the stabilization mechanisms of soil organic matter (SOM) through its interactions with nutrients (N, P, Ca, S, Fe) with mineral surfaces.

My research profits from multidisciplinary research across a wide international network, aiming to understand the effect of the bio (plants, microbes, humans) on the geochemistry.

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