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For additional information, consult the "Travel Rules" in the "ESRF User Policies and Rules"

Several meal options are available at the restaurant and cafeteria located on the EPN science campus.

  • Restaurant offering self-service lunch (payment: badge) and dinner (payment: badge, credit card, cash)
  • Coffee counter and open-air terrace (payment: cash or tokens purchased at lunch in restaurant)
  • Sandwich corner offering a variety of sandwiches, salads, fruits and snacks, from 11:00-14:00 (payment: badge or cash)
  • Meals on trays outside restaurant opening hours (by advance arrangement)
  • Coffee and snack machines around the storage ring (payment: cash only)
  • Refrigerated food storage boxes for personal food available at the Guesthouse, but no cooking facilities.
  • More information - opening hours, menus and other details - are available from the restaurant website.

Payment - how it works

  • Your site entrance badge is used to pay for meals at the restaurant, cafeteria and sandwich corner.
  • If you lose your badge, please inform the User Office. Money remaining in your account will be transferred to your new badge at the restaurant.

How will your badge be charged

This depends on your status as user.

If you are receiving financial assistance by the ESRF ("reimbursed user")

On the basis of the information provided through the electronic A Form, your badge will be pre-charged with a meal allowance corresponding to the number of meals covered by the ESRF during your experiment, with a limit of 25 points per meal on average. If you use up all the points before the end of your stay, you can recharge the badge at the central cash desk located in the entrance hall of the restaurant.

If you are NOT receiving financial assistance by the ESRF ("non-reimbursed user")

In this case, you will have to credit your badge at the central cash desk located in the entrance hall of the restaurant.

How and where to (re)charge your card or obtain reimbursement

  • The central cash desk of the restaurant is open at midday (11:30-13:30). It is located in the hall of the restaurant building.
  • During the week, remaining credit, if you recharged your badge, can also be reimbursed at the central cash desk at midday (11:30-13:30).
  • If you need to (re)charge your card or obtain a reimbursement of remaining credit in the evening or at the weekend, please do so at the cash desk inside the restaurant.

For more details, go to Financial Assistance