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The joint ILL/ESRF library is located in the Science Building, Room 410 and 418.

Library opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00-17:00.

For the use of the library outside working hours, please activate your badge on the badge update reader located on the ground floor of the Science Building.

Go to the library (on the EPN campus website).

Wifi connection

  • Via EPN Visitors:

Login: e-mail address (as registered in the ESRF 'user account')
Password (in lowercase): SMIS password used to access the ESRF 'user account'

  • Via Eduroam network:

The ESRF, the ILL and the IBS are eduroam-compliant: if you have a valid eduroam access, you can use this network

ESRF User account

New User - you wish to:

You already have an ESRF user account - you wish to:

  • Consult / update your user account (personal data, affiliation, ...)
  • Apply for beam time by submitting proposal(s),
  • Check the status of your proposal(s) / experiment(s)
  • Manage (submit / consult / delete) experiment(s) report(s)
  • Submit / consult A Form(s)
  • Perform/check the status of your on-line ESRF Safety Training

Click on:  ESRF User Portal (SMIS)