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Research topics

The ESRF is an international centre of excellence for fundamental research with a strong commitment to applied and industrial research. The intensely bright light produced at the ESRF offers unique opportunities to explore materials and living matter in a multitude of fields, ranging from chemistry and materials physics to archaeology and cultural heritage and from structural biology, health and the life sciences to environmental sciences, information science and nanotechnologies.

The ESRF enjoys the strategic advantages of being located on the European Photon and Neutron (EPN) Science Campus , a unique science hub that hosts three major international research institutes devoted to the exploration of living matter and materials. The ESRF is also an active partner of the global innovation campus known as GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies), which is the lifeblood of Grenoble’s economic and scientific development.

Go to our YouTube channel, A light for science, to find more videos about the science carried out at the ESRF.

Fields of Research