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PSB Symposium

Start Date
01-07-2021 12:50
End Date
02-07-2021 18:45
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Coordinator contact(s)
Deborah Davison (ESRF)

Scientific contact(s)
Florent Bernaudat (PSB)
Andrew McCarthy (EMBL),
Cécile Morlot (IBS)

The symposium includes an exciting collection of invited speakers, selected talks, interactive virtual posters, and interactive virtual lounges.

After the success of its two first symposia on cryo-EM in 2017, and on "Macromolecules in action " in 2019, the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB),  an alliance of research institutes (EMBL, ESRF, IBS and ILL) located in Grenoble, France , is pleased to announce a third symposium on "Frontiers in Bioimaging" which will take place on 1-2 July 2021.

The aim and scope of this meeting is to highlight progress in 3D imaging research that bridges the gap between the atomic and cellular scales, with spatial resolutions spanning from subnanometer to submicrometer range. Featured topics will include: cryo-electron tomography, X-ray tomography, volume electron microscopy, image analysis, super-resolution microscopy, and correlative approaches. The applications of the above methods to address essential questions in life sciences is of particular interest.


Florent Bernaudat (PSB)

Andrew McCarthy (EMBL

Cécile Morlot (IBS)

Alexandra Pacureanu (ESRF)

Daouda Traore ( Keele University/ILL)