The ID01 beamline is mainly dedicated to diffraction imaging techniques using small beams down to 100 nm in size and below. A variety of tools are available for users and not all focusing modes being possible over the complete energy regime:

  • Fast 2D scanning of the sample in the focused beam
  • a large tunable energy-range i.e. 4.5keV < E < 35 keV with an extension up to 42 keV at the expense of flux;
  • a very good energy resolution (i.e. ΔE/E < 10-4)  from a Si (111) monochromator or  ΔE/E =3* 10-3 from a mutlilayer monochromator
  • a high rate of harmonic rejection (<10-4) due to the (optional) use of two white beam mirrors;
  • a 2D Maxipix detector with a 516x516 array of 55 micron pixels and a useful energy range from 6-15 keV
  • a 2M Eiger detector with 2164x1030 array of 75 micron pixels and a useful energy range from 6-15 keV

A full description can be found in the beamline paper and a list of sample environments can be found here.