Preparing a proposal submission

It is good to talk! please contact a member of beamline staff before submitting a proposal for beamtime. The beamline is developing continuously so there maybe a tool which you cannot find on our web pages which will solve your problem. We can also give you realistic timescales for your experiments and critical feedback on their feasibility.

Every photon counts! please consider the man power required to execute an experiment running 24 hours a day, in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to use ID01, we expect you to exploit every photon.

If you are interested in collaborating with the beamline staff, you should include them at this stage on the proposal, they will be allocated as your Local Contact should your application be successful.

The beamline staff will contact you to confirm your proposal was successful.

Your proposal was accepted!

Congratulations! Now the planning starts. Please look at the ESRF user guide before contacting beamline staff.

A member of the beamline team will be allocated as your Local Contact. They will ask you to confirm if any dates are unsuitable for scheduling. The scheduling is complex and we try to guarantee the best conditions for your experiments so please confirm your allocated dates as soon as possible. Once settled, the Local Contact will liase with you in order to execute your experiment in the most efficient way; from planning your visit, sample declaration, experiment preparation and execution, data mining and eventual publication of your results, any questions we are here to help. 

Note if you have equipment you will bring to the ESRF it is important to follow the correct procedures.

We will do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible, it is your responsibility to execute the experiment, the Local Contact will help you as much as they can so please limit their interventions to "normal" hours (from 8h to 22h).

We also ask you are careful with our equipment, we spend significant time calibrating our equipment to give you the best experience so please respect those who built it and those who will use it after you. Your Local Contact will do their best to reduce the possiblity of damage to our equipment but please always think twice before exploring new avenues outside of normal hours/ ask your Local Contact if they are available.

As of August 25th your data will be stored according to the ESRF Data Policy.

The beamline provides a variety of tools to mine your data, please ask your Local Contact for the best options.

Please note you are required to write an experimental report and let us know when you publish your results.