drawingThe new microspectrophotometer design allows direct mounting on beamlines equipped with a MiniDiffractometer and is thus compatible with multiple beamlines at the ESRF. The compact design allows integration with the MD2M and compatibility with other automated beamline components such as the sample changer. A key feature of the design is the ability to easily mount and dismount the instrument and transfer it between MX-beamlines.



Lens-to-lens alignment is achieved with an anti-backlash mounting system and can be performed offline. The alignment of the focal spot incident with the crystal is achieved through an XYZ stage mounted directly onto the frame of the MD2M. Precision Mhar bearings provide highly accurate translation and stability.




The new mirror objective lenses have a diameter of 40mm and a focal distance of 35mm. A spot size with four fold demagnification of the input optical fiber is achieved. Quartz glass allows measurements in the UV/VIS range and a removable cassette allows filters to be inserted directly in the light path. Various UV/Vis lamp and laser light sources (ESRF Cryobench) are available for absorption and fluorescence measurements.


An Ocean Optics HR2000 detector with a 2048-element CCD-array responsive from 200-1100nm is controlled by a dedicated laptop PC with sampling speeds up to 40Hz. Various optical fibers are available including a bifurcated assembly for face-on fluorescence measurements.