Selected developments and technologies are available directly from the ESRF or under a licence as a technology transfer to industry.

Our technology transfer policy

  • Promotes the use of ESRF technologies to benefit society through licensing to companies who turn them into successful commercial products.
  • Supports the innovative goal of the ESRF by generating licensing income which is recycled to our user and development programmes, and contributes to the recognition of the inventors.
  • Develops partnerships with local and international industrial networks.

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Crystal analysers






V2F converter


IcePAP - intelligent motor control system


Dynaflow Cryostat


MAXIPIX detector


Magnetic measuring bench


Miniature ionisation chamber


2D gas detector

Technical information (pdf 59.5kb)
If you require details, please contact us.


RF fingers



Beamline Instrumentation

X-BPM sensors and ionisation chamber beam position monitors

Licensed to Danfysik

Sagittal benders

Licensed to FMB Oxford Ltd
Licensed to Bruker Advanced Supercon GmbH

Bimorphe variable curvature mirrors

Licensed to Horiba Scientific

Mirror benders

Licensed to IRELEC

2 KB optical systems for focusing X-ray beam

Licensed to IRELEC

Monochromators Using Diamond Crystals

Licensed to CINEL

High Precision miniature X-ray Slits

Licensed to JJ X-Ray

X-ray CCD and software for beamline alignment

Licensed to SESO

Hexapod and precision jacks

Licensed to Ateliers Peyronnard

APD counter systems

Licensed to Cyberstar S.A.

Wide-beam mechanical chopper

Licensed to MAATEL

Cooled UHV compatible refractive lens

Licensed to JJ X-Ray

Flow reactor for X-ray studies

Licensed to Leiden Probe Microscopy


Storage Ring Instrumentation

Permanent magnet based insertion devices

Licensed to Danfysik
Licensed to Bruker Advanced Supercon GmbH

Control and Data Analysis

PCI cards

Licensed to SECAD



Detector interconnection systems

Licensed to Canberra Eurisys

Components for gas filled detectors with fast parallel readout

Licensed to Bruker AXS