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Ezio - Mechanical Technician (Italian)

The best part of my job is being able to see a project through from beginning to end.
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I work on the ESRF’s ID22 powder diffraction beamline. I’d say 70% of my job involves improvisation. For example, a team of scientists wants to use one of the set-ups on the beamline for an experiment. But then they realise that the set-up needs to be adjusted to get the best results for their specific needs. They come to us and explain what they are trying to do. After some discussion, we design and machine a component to adapt the set-up. Because the scientists only have a limited time on the beamline, we have to work fast which usually means proposing quick fixes or temporary additions. However, if we see that the same demand comes up several times, then we design a more permanent fixture for the set-up. It’s really satisfying when you find the right solution, add your new piece to the set-up and see that it works!

At the moment I’m working on the design of a new set-up which will facilitate experiments for the users. I really enjoy working on just one beamline because I feel confident in my knowledge of the instrumentation and equipment specific to that beamline. Also you get to know the programme of the beamline and its limits. I love designing and then machining new pieces, it’s inventive work and it keeps your mind active. I feel I’m growing in the job and gaining skills every day.”



Ezio trained for one year as a mechanical engineer before working for almost 3 years in the Italian synchrotron, Elettra. He joined the ESRF in July 2017.

Top image: ©ESRF/C. Argoud