P Elleaume (ESRF)

Superconducting high field magnets for SR generation in Budker INP 
N Mezentsev (BUDKER Institute of nuclear physics)

The cold bore superconducting wiggler of Maxlab
E Wallèn (ESRF)

Assembling, installation & test of the Elettra 3.5T superconducting wiggler
D Zangrando (Sincrotrone Trieste)

A 7T multipole wiggler for BESSY II
E Weihreter (BESSY)

Design of vacuum chambers & safety aspects of a 56 kW multipole wiggler
D Berger (Hahn-Meitner Institute)

Impact of minigap undulators on beam dynamics & operations at NSLS
B Podobedov (NSLS)

Impact of in-vacuum permanent magnet undulators on beam dynamics at ESRF 
J Chavanne (ESRF)

The planned beam tests with a superconductive undulator at ANKA & future plans
R Rossmanith (Institute for Synchrotron Radiation)

Superconducting minigap undulators : engineering & design aspects, parameter range & spectral performances 
S Kubsky (Accel Instruments GmbH)

Superconducting undulator R&D collaboration in the United States 
K Robinson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

APS plans for superconducting undulators 
R Kustom (Argonne National Laboratory)

Design for a superconducting planar helical undulator
S Sasaki (Argonne National Laboratory)

Status of a short-period superconducting undulator at APS
SH Kim (Argonne National Laboratory)

Magnetic field analysis of superconducting undulators and scaling law
SH Kim (Argonne National Laboratory)

Superconducting undulator R&D at LBNL
S Prestemon / D Dietderich (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Superconducting undulator test facility at the BNL
J Skaritka (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

A helical undulator for the production of polarised positrons
D Scott (Daresbury Laboratory)

Expansion of the hard x-ray energy range of the 2.4 - 2.7 GeV SLS with supraconducting undulators : prospects & limits
T Schmidt (Swiss Light Source)

Resistive wall heating of ANKA undulator
S Strohmer (Institute for Synchrotron Radiation)

Some aspects of beam generated heating of superconducting undulators
J Welch (SLAC)

Thermal budget of a cold bore superconducting undulator for the ESRF
E Wallèn (ESRF)

Image current heating in cold bore superconducting insertion devices
B Podobedov (NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Short-period SC undulator
A Mikhailichenko (LNS)

P Elleaume (ESRF)