Remuneration is composed of a monthly salary, which may be complemented by various allowances such as expatriation allowance or family allowance.

If you have to move to take up a position at the ESRF, you may be eligible for an installation package. This package depends on the contract you are recruited for and on your personal and family situation. This can be detailed by the recruitment officer during the interviews.

If you are non-French and are recruited from abroad, our Human Resources Service will help you with the administrative processes so that your integration is as smooth as possible.

All employees benefit from an insurance scheme (health insurance and provident care plan).

We offer many services and work arrangements that aim at a good work-life balance for our employees, such as:

  • Health insurance for the employee and his/her family
  • A minimum of 26 days of paid leave per year, which may be complemented by additional days off in the context of the “35-hour week” agreement
  • Maternity, paternity and parental leave as foreseen by the French law
  • Possibility for female Post-Docs who go on maternity leave during their time-limited contract to get an extension of their contract to compensate for the time of their absence
  • Many social activities (sports, concerts, trips, etc.) organised by the Works Committee of the ESRF for the employees and their families, as well as subsidies for holidays and leisure activities