logo_website.pngD2AM is a beamline dedicated to structural investigations using Anomalous Scattering in Materials Science, where studies near absorption edges are widely used to create an anomalous contrast between atoms and to study short or long-range order, with two instruments, a "kappa diffractometer" and a "Small Angle Scattering Bench". In order to achieve an easily adjustable wavelength near absorption edges between 5 and 45 keV, at a fixed point focus position, a symmetrical optics has been designed, installed at the output of a bending magnet.

The instruments are designed for elastic diffuse small and wide-angle X-ray scattering for structural studies related to phase transitions, local order, strain, and lattice tilts, defects, ... in: solid-state crystallography (anomalous diffuse scattering in alloys, glasses and quasicrystals, DAFS studies of crystals and thin films or nanostructures, magnetism and quadrupolar order, ceramics and powders, ...), soft condensed matter (SAXS and WAXS in gels, polymers, biological compounds, ...), intermediate order: liquid crystals.... The sample environment is flexible and various user-designed sample holders can be installed for in-situ experiments. GISAXS experiments can be done using a dedicated setup on SAXS bench or using both the new Kappa Goniometer and the SAXS table.

The two interchangeable instruments,  i.e. the Kappa Goniometer and the Small Angle Scattering Bench, share detectors: photomultipliers, photodiodes, three 2D pixel detectors as well as a CCD camera.

Beamline Reference: Chahine A., Blanc N., Arnaud S., De Geuser F., Guinebretiere R., Boudet N., "Advanced Non-Destructive in Situ Characterization of Metals with the French Collaborating Research Group D2AM/BM02 Beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility", Metals (2019) 9, 352 (PDF)

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