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CITIUS: a 17400 frames/s X-ray imaging detector with a linear response of up to 945 Mcps/pixel

Start Date
26-05-2023 02:00
End Date
26-05-2023 03:00
ESRF Visitor Center
Speaker's name
Takaki Hatsui on behalf of CITIUS collaboration
Speaker's institute
RIKEN SPring-8 Center, RIKEN
Contact name
Kimberley ROBERT
Host name
Pablo Fajardo
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You can find the slides of the presentation HERE!


We report our recent progress in the CITIUS (Charge Integration Type Imaging Unit with high-Speed extended-dynamic-range) detector. It has been developed to overcome the count rate limitation of the current state-of-the-art photon counting detector by introducing novel integrating-type pixels with a size of 72.6 micrometers and a high frame rate of 17.4 kfps [1]. Recently we succeeded in experimentally demonstrating its detecting capability of 945 Mcps/pixel (18 Tcps/cm2) at 10 keV while keeping its single photon sensitivity. In this talk, we report our development status including the performance evaluation and the on-the-fly data processing with FPGAs. A feasibility study of Bragg CDI was carried out at ESRF last year. At SPring-8, applications of these detector systems to XPCS, ptychography, SAXS & WAXS, X-ray beam monitors by using spectro-imaging capability, and fluorescence yield XAFS by using large-area high-count-rate energy resolving detection are in progress. The status of these applications is also reported.

Table I Specifications of CITIUS variant for Synchrotron radiation experiments

Parameters Value
Sensor Thickness 650 µm
Pixel Size  72.6 µm
Pixel Number 0.28 Mpixel/sensor
Noise 0.027 phs.@8 keV (60 e-)
Peak Signal 1,800 phs. @ 12 keV
Frame Rate 17.4 kHz
Sat. Count Rate @12 keV @12 keV    30 or 600 Mcps (*)
Largest System Pixel Number 20.2 Mpixel
Image Area 325 x 363 mm

(*) 30 Mcps with standard operation. 600 Mcps in an extended mode

[1]    SPring-8 II Conceptual Design Report, RIKEN SPring-8 Center, 2014.


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