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Forthcoming seminars

Type Start Date End Date Name
21/03/2023 21/03/2023 Soutenance HDR - X-ray photon-in/photon-out spectroscopy for chemical analysis

Past seminars

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Type Start Date End Date Name
PhD Defense 29/11/2022 29/11/2022 Kondo and magnetic sublattices in Ce compounds - a spectroscopic X-ray study
HDR Defense 25/01/2022 25/01/2022 X-ray diffraction at synchrotron facilities: Crystallography of microporous and Cultural Heritage materials
PhD Defense 01/10/2021 01/10/2021 Interactions of light-driven membrane proteins with their environment
PhD Defense - Webinar 27/07/2021 27/07/2021 Structural analysis of heterogeneous multi-phased compounds: application to carbon-based black pigments from Antiquity
PhD Defense 09/06/2021 09/06/2021 Synchrotron X-ray imaging contribution to the study of animal mummification in ancient Egypt, archaeozoological study of crocodile mummies (Ptolemaic and Roman Periods)
PhD DEFENSE - WEBINAR 31/03/2021 31/03/2021 Structural studies of multispecific antibody-antigen complexes by cryo-electron microscopy
PhD DEFENSE - ZOOM MEETING 30/03/2021 30/03/2021 Structural characterisation of novel GFP-like and phytochrome-derived fluorescent proteins
PhD Defense Webinar 18/03/2021 18/03/2021 In situ study of the growth of graphene on liquid copper by x ray scattering and optical microscopy
PhD Defense 01/02/2021 01/02/2021 Investigations of the effect of optical imperfections on partially coherent X-ray beam by combining optical simulations with wavefront sensing experiments
PhD Defense 18/12/2020 18/12/2020 Structure and Spin Dynamics of a Metal Complex Studied by Synchrotron Radiation