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Kondo and magnetic sublattices in Ce compounds - a spectroscopic X-ray study

PhD Defense
Start Date
29-11-2022 11:00
End Date
29-11-2022 12:30
Speaker's name
Georg Poelchen
Speaker's institute
ESRF Grenoble, France
Contact name
Claudine Roméro
Host name
Nick Brookes, Kurt Kummer
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In this work, the two different Ce-based intermetallic compounds CeRh2Si2 and CeCo2P2 have been studied by means of synchrotron radiation spectroscopic (X-ray absorption and photoelectron emission spectroscopy) and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering methods in combination with ab-initio band structure calculations. The measurements allowed for an improved understanding and interpretation of surface sensitive Ce 4f physics by studying distinct surface terminations and their effects, while being combined in the bulk with Co 3d magnetism.

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