When the use of a laser is clearly stated in your proposal or for In-House Research experiments or also for microspectrophotometer use, some elements are requested by the Safety Group, as stated in the Safety Letter which you will receive once your beam time scheduled invitation is sent.

The following information is required by the Safety Group:

  • Class
  • Type
  • Wavelength
  • Power

A certificate from the supplier mentioning all this information according to the European Standard IEC-60825-1 must be sent to the Safety Group at least two weeks before the beginning of the experiment.  If the information requested is not provided in time, we reserve the right to refuse the use of the laser.

For class IV and IIIb lasers, the ESRF area must be appropriately equipped with all the necessary safety installations for its use.  If you wish to use such lasers, please contact the Safety Group and your Local Contact.

In all cases, an electrical check will be made before your experiment starts in order to verify compliance with EC regulations.