Dry Ice is delivered on site every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.


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Scientists needing Dry Ice for their experiments or to return to their home institute should inform their Local Contact as soon as possible.  A tick box is available on the A-form where details about quantities and dates at which Dry Ice is required can be entered.  The Local Contact must rapidly contact the Experimental Safety Unit to get Dry Ice (Tel. 22-03 or 27-88) or the EHO at night or during the weekend (Tel. 25-25) and submit the request form (Word/pdf).

For In-House Research experiments the form (Word/pdf) must be sent in advance to the Safety Group in order to have a sufficient quantity delivered.

The use of protective equipment, goggles and cryogloves, is mandatory for handling Dry Ice and also a portable oxygenometer if the room is not sufficiently ventilated.  Large quantities must not be stored on the beamlines.  Dry Ice should not be stored in freezers or fridges as the equipment may explode.  One kilo of Dry Ice generates between 500 and 600 litres of CO2 gas and has a temperature of -78°C.   Specific polyfoam boxes may be useful for collecting dry ice from storage areas, but they are not provided by the Safety Group.