Facilities requests

If facilities are needed to perform some sample processes, it should be clearly stated in advance to the Local Contact, once scientists receive their invitation, or on the A-form when submitting and if scientists already know the site and facilities offered.

ESRF Biomedical facilities

  • Containment level 1 lab (Molecular biology)
  • Containment level 2 lab (Cellular Biology) subject to specific training with restricted access
  • Histology lab
labo P1 CIBB.JPG   Accès L2 BMF.JPG



L2 Lab BMF

The EMBL laboratory, located close to the ESRF Experimental Hall, provides basic biochemical, biological, biophysical and crystal mounting facilities, which are available for ESRF Users. Crystal/sample mounting laboratories are provided at the beamlines as support labs.

EMBL users facilities

If you wish to use the EMBL facility you must take note of the Charter For Use and return this form by email to the EMBL and the ESRF, one month before you need to use the facility.  Once basic equipment is available, e.g.:

  • Magnetic stirrer,
  • shaking plate,
  • heat block,
  • water bath,
  • microwave oven,
  • UV spectrophotometer,
  • laptop centrifuge and standard centrifuge,
  • fume hood and basic chemicals

For more specific or complex requirements, please send an email.

Off line experiments in facilities like icOS

Some facilities not directly related to beamlines may be subject to declaration, as for example the icOS (In Crystallo Optical Spectroscopy) lab (ex Cryobench).  If you wish to use the icOS lab instruments, you must email this form to: icos saff and the Safety Group two weeks ahead of the planned experiment. Further information about the icOS instruments can be found here. Samples used for such experiments should be declared to the Safety Group for validation using a Sample Sheet as previously described and sent to the Safety Group.  These off-line experiments are subject to “on line” internal regulations i.e. valid Users' Safety Training.