This section will help you prepare your experiment before coming to the ESRF.  Only the administrative procedure and on-line safety training are mandatory.  The rest of the section is mainly recommendations to make sure your samples are properly prepared and that they arrive on time at the ESRF, so that you may make the best use of our beamlines.


  • Sample support : what to bring
  • Fill-in a dewar form in ISPyB describing your samples
  • Contact your local contact (his/her e-mail address is available on the invitation for that experiment) if you have special experiment requirements (i.e in capillary study, particular edge scans....)
  • Do your safety training to focus on your experiment when you start it.  For further information consult the safety web pages.
  • Here are links to the bus timetables from Lyon and Grenoble airports:

    Grenoble-Isere - Grenoble

    Lyon St Exupery - Grenoble

  • Ship your dewar to the ESRF, see here for the procedure
  • Track your dewar - see here



Google map of the ESRF with useful locations