The beamline is equipped with a a set of two Si Kirkpatrick–Baez (KB) mirrors coated with Ir with a roughness less than 20 Å.

  • First mirror (300 x 50 x 15 mm3)
  • Second mirror, with a trapezoidal shape (170 x 44 x 15 x 8 mm2)

These mirrors can be moved into or out of the beam. When in, they are used to focus the beam horizontally and vertically. In addition, when used, the use of the KB mirrors filters the beam vibrations that may be induced by the upstream optical elements or external works occurring during beamtime.

At 8 keV, the achieved specs are:

  •  Beam size :  30 x 30 µm2
  •  Beam flux: 108 photons/s.

It is planned to replace these mirrors by a new set with lower surface roughness which will allow to reduce the focused beam size to 10 x 10 µm2.