Description of the cryofurnace

The D2AM beamline is equipped with a cryostat that can be mounted on the phi rotation of the kappa diffractometer for low-temperature experiments. With a compressed He gas circuit, it can cool the sample, under a secondary vacuum, down to 10K using two Be domes. The inner sphere ( 50mm diameter )can be filled with an exchange gas to improve the temperature conduction between the cold exchanger and the sample. The temperature regulation is achieved by a temperature controller model 330 from LakeShore thanks to a heater head, set below the sample stage. Two thermocouples, one dedicated to the temperature control and uses a silicon Diode and a second near the sample made of silicon or a platinum resistor. The heater also allows heating up to 800 K without modifying the experimental configuration. The specificity of this equipment, coupled with the kappa geometry of the D2AM diffractometer resides in the maintenance of the original degrees of freedom for all translations and rotations. This gives access to all of the reciprocal space during in situ measurements without instrumental limitations.

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                                                                                                                                                       Cryostat mounted on the D2AM KAPPA diffractometer