ID24: High Brilliance XAS Beamline

ID24 is a two branch High Brilliance beamline optimized for time-resolved and extreme conditions X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy.

With the advent of the EBS upgrade, the historic branch of the Energy Dispersive XAS beamline (EDXAS-S) has been converted into a scanning XAS beamline based on a Double Crystal Monochromator (ID24-DCM), whereas the EDXAS-L remains energy dispersive (ID24-ED) and dedicated to ultrafast experiments.

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Towards a dynamic compression facility at the ESRF

Sévelin-Radiguet N., Torchio R., Berruyer G., Gonzalez H., Pasternak S., Perrin F., Occelli F., Pépin C., Sollier A., Kraus D., Schuster A., Voigt K., Zhang M., Amouretti A., Boury A., Fiquet G., Guyot F., Harmand M., Borri M., Groves J., Helsby W., Branly S., Norby J., Pascarelli S., Mathon O.,
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 29, 167-179 (2022)

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