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Publications by year

  1. Mapping internal temperatures during high-rate battery applications. Heenan TMM, Mombrini I, Llewellyn A, Checchia S, Tan C, Johnson MJ, Jnawali A, Garbarino G, Jervis R, Brett DJL, Di Michiel M & Shearing PR. Nature 617, 507–512 (2023)
  2. An Amorphous Phase Precedes Crystallization: Unraveling the Colloidal Synthesis of Zirconium Oxide Nanocrystals. Pokratath R, Lermusiaux L, Checchia S, Mathew JP, Cooper SR, Mathiesen JK, Landaburu G, Banerjee S, Tao S, Reichholf N, Billinge SJL, Abécassis B, Jensen KMØ & De Roo J. ACS Nano 17, 8796–8806 (2023)
  3. Lead zirconate titanate ceramics with aligned crystallite grains. Li J et al. Science 380, 87–93 (2023)
  4. Influence of temperature-induced A-site cations redistribution on the functional properties of A-site complex polar perovskite K1/2Bi1/2TiO3. Eyoum GE, Eckstein U, Uršič H, Salazar MPP, Buntkowsky G, Groszewicz P, Checchia S, Hayashi K, Webber KG & Khansur NH. Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2023)
  5. Tailoring high-energy storage NaNbO3-based materials from antiferroelectric to relaxor states. Zhang M-H, Ding H, Egert S, Zhao C, Villa L, Fulanović L, Groszewicz PB, Buntkowsky G, Kleebe H-J, Albe K, Klein A & Koruza J. Nature Communications 14, 1525 (2023)
  6. Tetracarbonates in silicate melts may be at the origin of a deep carbon reservoir in the deep Earth. Cerantola V, Sahle CJ, Petitgirard S, Wu M, Checchia S, Weis C, Di Michiel M, Vaughan GBM, Collings IE, Arató R, Wilke M, Jones AP, Hanfland M & Tse JS. Communications Earth & Environment 4, 1–8 (2023)
  7. Ca Cations Impact the Local Environment inside HZSM-5 Pores during the Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Reaction. Liutkova A, Zhang H, Simons JFM, Mezari B, Mirolo M, Garcia GA, Hensen EJM & Kosinov N. ACS Catalysis 13, 3471–3484 (2023)
  8. Beam-induced redox chemistry in iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions at ESRF–EBS. Thomä SLJ & Zobel M. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 30, 440–444 (2023)
  9. From Molecular Oxo-Hydroxo Ce Clusters to Crystalline CeO2. Estevenon P, Amidani L, Bauters S, Tamain C, Bodensteiner M, Meurer F, Hennig C, Vaughan G, Dumas T & Kvashnina KO. Chemistry of Materials 35, 1723–1734 (2023)
  10. Tensile Deformation of B19′ Martensite in Nanocrystalline NiTi Wires. Šittner P, Molnárová O, Bian X, Heller L & Seiner H. Shape Memory and Superelasticity (2023)
  11. Simple Synthesis of Monodisperse Ultrasmall Au Icosahedral Nanoparticles. Yildirim E, Ramamoorthy RK, Parmar R, Roblin P, Vargas JA, Petkov V, Diaz A, Checchia S, Ruiz IR, Teychené S, Lacroix L-M & Viau G. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127, 3047–3058 (2023)
  12. Combination of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and in situ 3D-μ-CT in the analysis of the relationship between strains and porosity under creep loading. Camin B, Hornig-Klamroth J & Bentheim N zu. Practical Metallography 60, 93–107 (2023)
  13. 3D printed SrNbO 2 N photocatalyst for degradation of organic pollutants in water. Iborra-Torres A, Huš M, Nguyen K, Vamvakeros A, Tariq Sajjad M, Dunn S, Mertens M, Jacques S, M. Beale A, Likozar B, Hyett G, Kellici S & Middelkoop V. Materials Advances (2023)
  14. Following Cu Microstructure Evolution in CuZnO/Al2O3(−Cs) Catalysts During Activation in H2 using in situ XRD and XRD-CT. Farmer DM, Jacques SDM, Waller D, Boullosa Eiras S, Roy K, Held G, Sankar G & Beale AM. Chemistry–Methods 3, e202200015 (2023)
  15. X-Ray Studies: Phase Transformations and Microstructure Changes. Scheuerlein C & Di Michiel M. Handbook of Superconductivity (2021)
  1. 4D imaging of void nucleation, growth, and coalescence from large and small inclusions in steel under tensile deformation. Guo Y, Burnett TL, McDonald SA, Daly M, Sherry AH & Withers PJ. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 123, 168–176 (2022)
  2. 5D total scattering computed tomography reveals the full reaction mechanism of a bismuth vanadate lithium ion battery anode. Sottmann J, Ruud A, S. Fjellvåg Ø, M. Vaughan GB, Michel MD, Fjellvåg H, I. Lebedev O, Vajeeston P & S. Wragg D. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24, 27075–27085 (2022)
  3. An examination of local strain fields evolution in ductile cast iron through micromechanical simulations based on 3D imaging. Bouchard P-O, Bernacki M, Morgeneyer TF, Hild F, Buljac A & Navas VMT. Journal of Theoretical, Computational and Applied Mechanics (2022)
  4. Atomic Layer Deposition of Ruthenium Dioxide Based on Redox Reactions between Alcohols and Ruthenium Tetroxide. Poonkottil N, Minjauw MM, Werbrouck A, Checchia S, Solano E, Nisula M, Franquet A, Detavernier C & Dendooven J. Chemistry of Materials 34, 8946–8958 (2022)
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  7. Formation and evolution of carbonaceous asteroid Ryugu: Direct evidence from returned samples. Nakamura T et al. Science 379, eabn8671 (2022)
  8. High energy synchrotron X-ray fluorescence trace element study of a millimeter-sized asteroidal particle in preparation for the Hayabusa2 return sample analyses. De Pauw E, Tkalcec BJ, Tack P, Vekemans B, Di Michiel M, Brenker FE & Vincze L. Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 188, 106346 (2022)
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  11. In-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction texture analysis of tensile deformation of nanocrystalline superelastic NiTi wire at various temperatures. Bian X, Heller L, Tyc O, Kadeřávek L & Šittner P. Materials Science and Engineering: A 853, 143725 (2022)
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  25. Sustainable and Efficient Low-Energy Light Emitters: A Series of One-Dimensional d10 Coinage Metal–Organic Chalcogenolates, [M(o-SPhCO2H)]n. Veselska O, Guillou N, Diaz-Lopez M, Bordet P, Ledoux G, Lebègue S, Mesbah A, Fateeva A & Demessence A. ChemPhotoChem 6, e202200030 (2022)
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